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  • wants to volunteer 2020-08-20 13:32:00 -0700

    Join Team Jean!

    We need everyone who cares about sustainable, equitable transportation and vibrant cities to step up and join the grassroots campaign to get Jean elected to the AC Transit Board. Please sign up to help in any way you can. We'll be texting and calling voters and reaching out at farmer's markets and other events in the East Bay. Join us! 

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  • endorsed 2020-07-07 19:44:38 -0700
    This girl, from the time she was in high school, was passionate about modes of transportation other than cars. She only owned a car once while in high school and from then on she peddled, walked, took

    Subways, busses and scooters wherever

    she went. She is passionate about making transportation affordable, convenient, accessible and reliable because she knows what it’s like when those factors are missing. She cares about the environment and the welfare of others. I can’t think of another more qualified person to hold this position.


    Alameda County Democratic Party, AFSCME Local 3916, Sierra Club, Berkeley Democratic Club, Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club, East Bay Stonewall Democratic Club, East Bay Young Democrats, MGO Democratic Club, Asian Pacific American Democratic Caucus, UAW 2865, East Bay Women's Political Alliance, Our Revolution East Bay, East Bay for Everyone, 

    Rob Bonta
    California State Assemblymember

    Buffy Wicks
    California State Assemblymember


    Libby Schaaf 
    Oakland Mayor 

    Jesse Arreguín
    Berkeley Mayor 


    Christian Patz 
    Emeryville Mayor

    Rebecca Saltzman 
    BART Board Director


    Dan Kalb
    Oakland City Councilmember

    Sheng Thao 
    Oakland City Councilmember


    John Bauters
    Emeryville City Councilmember

    Phong La
    Alameda County Assessor


    Rigel Robinson 
    Berkeley City Councilmember

    Ben Bartlett 
    Berkeley City Councilmember


    Jody London
    Oakland School Board President

    Rashi Kesarwani
    Berkeley City Councilmember


    Ally Medina 
    Emeryville City Councilmember

    Lori Droste 
    Berkeley City Councilmember


    Alfred Twu
    Berkeley Zero Waste Commissioner/Architect

    Dianne Martinez
    Emeryville City Councilmember


    Jonathan Bair
    Former Chair, Oakland Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee

    Shane Krpata
    Berkeley Planning Commissioner

    Cheryl Brinkman
    SFMTA Board Member*

    (*titles for identification purposes only)

    Igor Tregub
    Berkeley Rent Board Commissioner


    Dave Campbell 
    Advocacy Director Bike East Bay*

    (*titles for identification purposes only)

    Edie Irons 

    (*titles for identification purposes only)



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