Jean Believes

Good transit makes cities and communities better.

  • Workers are the backbone of the system and their safety is priority #1.
  • AC Transit is a critical, lifeline service that our community relies upon.
  • Abundant transit connects us with jobs, shopping, essential services and life, and is part of how we achieve affordable, equitable cities.
  • Transit reduces traffic congestion and pollution, and benefits even those who choose not to ride.

Bay Area residents deserve robust, reliable, and resilient transit.

  • Transit should be frequent, fast, affordable, pleasant, and easy to use.
  • Transit is key to getting cars off the road, combating climate change, and improving the environment.
  • We must make transit competitive with driving to attract riders and increase public benefits.

Now is the time for new energy and bold leadership. 

  • We must ensure that Bay Area transit not only survives the coronavirus crisis but comes out stronger and better. 
  • We must seek out best practices from cities across the US and world to ensure the health and safety of riders and workers and bring back ridership.
  • We need creativity and collaboration to achieve a seamless regional transportation network that serves everyone.

Jean has the energy, background, and willpower to bring about positive changes to our transportation system for the benefit of our community. We need you to make it happen! Join Team Jean!