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  • wants to volunteer 2020-07-06 11:35:29 -0700

    Join Team Jean!

    We need everyone who cares about sustainable, equitable transportation and vibrant cities to step up and join the grassroots campaign to get Jean elected to the AC Transit Board. Please sign up to help in any way you can. We'll be texting and calling voters and reaching out at farmer's markets and other events in the East Bay. Join us! 

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  • endorsed 2020-07-06 11:34:54 -0700
    Jean’s leadership on Oakland’s Slow Streets program makes me confident that she is the most capable AC Transit candidate for Ward 2. Jean not only cares about prioritization of pedestrians and transit riders over cars, she makes it happen, she listens to everyone for feedback, and she has been a huge reason why this program has been successful. I endorse her without hesitation.




    Buffy Wicks
    Phong La 
    Alameda County Assessor

    Jesse Arreguin
    Berkeley Mayor

    Rashi Kesarwani
    Berkeley Councilmember, D 1

    Terry Taplin
    Berkeley Councilmember, D 2

    Ben Bartlett
    Berkeley Councilmember, D 3

    Igor Tregub
    Berkeley Councilmember, D 4

    Cecilia Lunaparra
    Berkeley Councilmember, D 7


    Mark Humbert
    Berkeley Councilmember, D 8

    Rigel Robinson
    Former Berkeley Councilmember


    Libby Schaaf
    Former Oakland Mayor

    Sukhdeep Kaur
    Emeryville City Councilmember


    Kate Harrison
    Former Berkeley Councilmember

    Dan Kalb
    Oakland Councilmember, D 1


    Kevin Jenkins
    Oakland Councilmember, D 6

    Janani Ramachandran
    Oakland Councilmember, D 4


    Zac Unger
    Candidate for Oakland City Council, D 1

    Alfred Twu
    Berkeley Planning Commissioner


    Lateefah Simon
    BART Board of Directors

    Rebecca Saltzman
    BART Board of Directors



    Andy Katz
    EBMUD Board of Directors

    Ana Vasudeo
    Berkeley School Board President



    Dee Rosario
    East Bay Regional Parks District

    Tonya Love
    Vice-Chair, Alameda County Democratic Party


    Robert Prinz
    Bike East Bay*

    Nick Josefowitz
    Former BART Board of Directors

    Warren Logan
    City Planner and transportation advocate

    Dyana Delfin Polk 
    Peralta Community College District Board of Trustees

    Sam Greenberg
    Co-founder, Telegraph for People

    Victor Flores
    Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC) Delegate


    Karen Parolek
    Berkeley Transportation Commission*

    Jody London
    Oakland Unified School Board, Former President


    George Spies
    Traffic Violence Rapid Response*

    Casey Farmer
    Candidate, East Bay Regional Parks District


    Chris Hwang
    Walk Oakland Bike Oakland*

    Carter Lavin
    Transportation Advocate

    Josh Gunter
    Friends of Raimondi Park*

     Nick Pilch 
    Former Albany Mayor 


    * all titles for identification purposes only

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